2022: APNME Book

Moral Education During the Global Pandemic

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Foreword I

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Chapter 1 Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Strengthened Unity and Caring? A Survey of Children on the Chinese Mainland

Chapter 2 Institutionalization and Resistance: A Qualitative Study of the Daily Lives of Female Chinese Scholars During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Chapter 3 Family-School Partnership as an Indispensable Avenue for Moral Education Stressing Pandemic Prevention and Control: A Case Study From Beijing, China

Chapter 4 How Do People Respond to COVID-19? A Set of Reflections

Chapter 5 Spread of COVID-19 and Moral Issues in Japan

Chapter 6 Moral Education and Post-COVID-19: Two New Normals

Chapter 7 Chinese and British Virtues in the Time of the Coronavirus: Reflections on Virtue Language From a Cross-Cultural Perspective

Chapter 8 An Ethical View of Globalization in the Post-Epidemic Era: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Patriotism

Chapter 9 The Contribution of Online Tools to Thinking and Deliberating about Morality in Japanese Schools: A Preliminary Experiment with Student-Teachers

Chapter 10 Moral Dilemmas of Teachers and Students in the COVID-19 Era

Chapter 11 Moral Dilemmas During the Global Pandemic and Implications for Moral Education in Current and Post-Pandemic Times

Notes on Contributors