The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education

Conference Theme: Moral Education During the Global Pandemic and its Challenges

15th Annual Conference

9-11 July, 2021

Online Conference

Welcome to the 2021 APNME Online Conference! 

In order to foster and strengthen moral education in the Asia-Pacific region during this uncertain and unpredictable period of the pandemic, the APNME will hold a video conference in 2021 in order to give our APNME members and friends an opportunity to share their works. We sincerely welcome you to join us by Internet, and we look forward to meeting you at our annual online conference again! By the way, the APNME will arrange regular online seminars, and we welcome you to also join our online academic activities!

Conference Theme:

Moral Education During the Global Pandemic and its Challenges

Since the beginning of 2020 our world has been challenged by the COVID-19 virus, and our lifestyles have been greatly changed. This global pandemic not only has impacted our everyday lives, but also has raised numerous moral and ethical issues which should be further reflected upon and discussed. Therefore, based upon the aims of the APNME, this conference welcomes participants whose papers or presentations will be concerned with the following issues and questions:

1. What moral dilemmas have recently emerged in the context of governmental or organizational management, and also in that of individual decisions, with the sudden appearance and spread of the Coronavirus, which has affected human beings’ health, safety and lives? Based on which core values should social and political leaders, as well as individuals, be making decisions?

2. To what degree may global travelers be held morally responsible for the spread of this disease? To what degree may we see different cultural and political systems and traditions as being responsible for its rapid spread, and to what degree have the responses to this differed?

3. What role may the concept of “citizenship” (in different countries) have played here? What role may nations’ self-images, and the images they wish to portray to their people and to the world, have played, and how may these self-images differ in different countries and cultures? Shame, pride, patriotism, the importance of the the individual in relation to the group, and of the group in relation to the individual, are all relevant here.

4. To what degree have digital devices and the Internet helped to slow down or control the spread of this epidemic, both by alerting people to it and educating them about it?

5. Why does the existence and spread of this virus give rise to racist and ethno-phobic interpretations, even those which may be disguised as humorous social commentary or culturally-embedded comment? How can we analyze this from the perspective of the psychology of fear? What role should moral education play in combatting racism?

6. What impact might this whole situation have on the future of our human lifestyles and modes of communication, and on “tourism” or the “tourist industry”?

While priority will be given to presentations addressing these topics, any presentations that are concerned with moral and civic education will be welcomed. Of course we sincerely welcome to our conference all those who truly care about exploring and enhancing the role of moral education, through theory and practice, in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world.

Important Dates to keep in mind:

March 1, 2021 – Deadline for Abstract Submissions

April 15, 2021 – Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts

May 15, 2021 – Deadline for Early Bird Registration

June 6, 2021 –  Deadline for Registration

July 9 to July 11, 2021 – APNME Conference

The Conference program will be posted on the website in June. It will include paper presentations, symposia, posters, the keynote speeches and roundtable discussions.