The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (APNME) welcomes professional educators who have an interest in, and commitment to, moral education and moral development and who care about fostering moral values in what they teach and how they teach. The Asia-Pacific region has a long and distinguished history of moral education and education itself is often seen as a values-based endeavour. The purpose of APNME is to foster and strengthen the teaching of and research into moral education and moral development in this region and globally. From small, informal beginnings in 2006, APNME has grown into a formal network of educators who are either located in the Asia-Pacific region or who have a special interest in or connection with the region.

We warmly invite all professional educators who care about the place and dissemination of values in education, and as foundation for it, to attend our events and join APNME as a member. While membership of APNME is only open to individuals, APNME welcomes collaborating and partnering with institutions, in particular with regard to the hosting and co-organising of events.

Regarding the 2022 Manchester joint conference of AME(48th), APNME(16th) and the celebrating 50 years of Journal of Moral Education, its recordings of plenary sessions, please visit the below of Moral Capital's  Homepage