Registration Process:

Step 1: Complete and send the Registration Form, step by step, until you have finished the whole process.

Step 2: Pay your registration fee by using the APNME online payment platform. For inquiries about registration, or if you are having trouble registering online, please email us at 

Presenters must complete their registration and payment by 31 January, 2018. 

We strongly recommend that participants from Mainland China complete their registration and payment forms, download these as attached files (file 1, file 2, file 3, file 4, file 5, file 6), and send them to us soon. Then we can apply in time for entry permits from the Taiwan Immigration Agency. We will also send to you pretty soon all the documents you may need to apply for an entry permit from your home Province. Please note that all participants from Mainland China will need both of these entry permits to enter Taiwan.  

Following registration, participants should make arrangements for their accommodations as set out on the accommodation webpage (, and fill in Section 3 of the Registration Form.  Please note that accommodations are not included in the registration fee.


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(Please fill in your information in English)

Note: If you cannot fill in the section I with the google form, please download this file and fill it in, and then send it to us at



The registration fee covers the main conference activities and supplies including the following:

  • Admission to all plenary, parallel, poster and other conference sessions
  • One conference kit, including program booklet with abstracts
  • Welcome Dinner at Garden Villa Hotel on 27 April, 2018
  • Lunches on 27-29 April, 2018
  • Coffee breaks on 27-29April, 2018
  • School visits
  • One copy of the conference group photograph
  • A year’s personal subscription to the Journal of Moral Education (Every participant can get the latest editions of the journal regularly by airmail for one year.)

* If you have attended the 2017 AME conference, you don’t need to pay the cost of a one-year JME subscription (130 USD) but only need to pay half of that (62 USD), and this amount has been included in the  conference fees of those who attended the AME conference in November in the USA.

* If you are a member of the JME Editorial Staff or Trustees, you will regularly receive the latest editions of the JME, to show our appreciation of your service to the JME. Thus you won’t need to pay for a one-year JME subscription.   

Conference registration fees are as follows (please select the appropriate one):

Type of Participant (International) Early-Bird
(until January 31 of 2018)
(After January 31 of 2018)

International Participant

USD 350 USD 380

International Student**

USD 310 USD 340

I attended the AME 2017 conference
I am a fully paid up member of AME for 2018
(the fees for both these include a subscription to JME).
I do not need another subscription to JME for 2018.

-62 USD

-62 USD

International participants: please select one of the options below:

Type of Participant

Because the Taiwanese government or other Taiwanese foundations have provided funding to support this 2018 conference, in order to encourage local participants to join this conference, the Conference Committee has agreed to allow the local registration fees to be based upon the amount of funding provided by the local government and local foundations.

Type of Participant (Local participants from Taiwan)


(until January 31) of 2018)

(After January 31) of 2018)

Local Participant (Resident of Taiwan)

USD 190

USD 210

Local Student (Resident of Taiwan)

USD 160

USD 180

I attended the AME 2017 conference/ I am a fully paid up member of AME for 2018 (the fees for both of these include a subscription to JME). I do not need another subscription to JME for 2018.

-62 USD

-62 USD

Local participants (Taiwanese participants): please select one of the options below

Type of Participant (Local)


Please note that the conference registration fee does not include accommodations. The Local Organizing Committee recommends two hotels, both of which are offering special conference rates. You may reserve your room by linking to the hotel website on the accommodations webpage:

Reserving and paying for a room at either of these hotels, or making alternative accommodation arrangements, is the sole responsibility of each participant. Please link directly to the webpages of these hotels in order to reserve your room.


The Conference registration fee does not include:

  • Pre-Conference workshop for academic writing and publication. It will be held on April 26.
  • School Visits
  • The Banquet dinner at the 85 Sky Tower Hotel on April 28
  • The City Tour on April 29

If you would like to take part in any of these activities, please indicate this in the relevant box below, and complete the relevant details in Section 6 below.

Extra Activities Cost
  • Pre-Conference workshops only 
    (including a coffee break and a meal)
  • School Visits only 
  • Pre-conference workshop 
    (including a coffee break and a meal)
    + School Visit
Choose one
  • Banquet dinner on 28 April

(Restaurant in the 85 Sky Tower)

45 USD

  • Cultural tours on 30 April, approx.
    8.30 am to 5.00 pm (including lunch)

They are free.





If you have any problems with submitting the form or paying electronically, please contact us at 

Even if the conference fees are calculated in USD, the APNME account is in Hong Kong, so when participants use their credit card to pay their conference fees, the bank will make the payment in Hong Kong dollars, using the current exchange rate.

Cancellation Policy
In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel a booking you have already made, please do so by sending an email to the conference committee at If notification is received in Taiwan by 28 February of 2018, you will be given a 50% refund. We regret that no refunds can be given for cancellations after 1 March 2018.

You will receive a receipt from the APNME at the registration desk at our 2018 Kaohsiung conference.

If you are not yet a member of the APNME and are interested in joining, please see this webpage ( where you may download a membership application form.