Call for Proposals

The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education
The 11th Annual Conference
21st - 24th April 2017
The Central China Normal University (CCNU), Wuhan, China

Establishing values-based learning environments: A whole-school approach to moral education

Proposal submission is now closed!

The Asia-Pacific region comprises many nations and multiple cultures within and across nations. Nevertheless, there is widespread agreement throughout the region that fostering moral values in education is both important and necessary, in preparing each new generation of youngsters to take their place within their nation and the world.

But what is meant by a whole-school approach to moral education, and what does fostering moral values in education mean in practice? Does it simply mean giving school children moral education classes as part of their curriculum, or is it much more to do with establishing whole-school educational environments that are grounded in moral values as the basis for fostering moral values? And, if that is the case, in what ways are educational environments throughout the Asia-Pacific region actually establishing values-based learning environments and adopting a whole-school approach to moral education? With regard to moral education lessons, are the learning environments in which they are occurring (the classrooms) actually values-based learning environments, and are the lessons modeling values awareness and sensitivity, or are the classrooms and lessons uninviting and uninspiring?

Given these initial thoughts, three leading questions arising from the Conference theme might be:
  1. What are values-based learning environments – is it possible to describe examples from actual practice (pre-school, school or university) in the region?
  2. Is there convergence and continuity of moral education among primary school, middle school, high school and college in countries of Asian-Pacific region?
  3. Is it possible to identify common values and shared human rights across the Asia-Pacific region, which could for the basis for a common regional whole-school approach?

The explicit aim of this Conference is to encourage discussion that deepens our appreciation of the complexity of these many issues and identifies where there is need for action.  Please come to Wuhan to share your ideas, by presenting an individual paper, or by offering a symposium, or a roundtable. We look forward to seeing you in Wuhan.

Please see the details below about these three modes of presentation and how to submit a proposal.

Forms of presentation

Individual paper (30 or 45 minutes): Individually submitted paper allowing for up to 20 minutes presentation time and 10 minutes discussion (30 minutes session) or 30 minutes presentation time with 15 minutes discussion (45 minute session).

At the discretion of the Programme Committee, two or three presentations may be combined in one 90 minute session and the Programme Committee's decision as to time allocation is final. The Committee will invite and assign a Chair for each session.

Symposium (90 minutes): Cross-national, cross-disciplinary, or common topic or theme within the overall Conference Theme; organised by the corresponding author, who will typically be the Symposium Chair. Normally, symposia will have 3 or 4 presenters, and perhaps a discussant, but must allow for interactive discussion with the audience.

Roundtable (60 minutes): Informal discussion groups on topics relating to the Conference Theme, e.g. at meal times or during the evening. The organiser will take responsibility for chairing an interactive discussion. Roundtables may also include discussion of textbooks and other materials; programme introductions and practices; guidance on use of assessment methods, etc.

Poster presentation: Relating to the Conference theme; focusing on theoretical, empirical and practical work in progress. APNME will award its Annual Best Poster Prize for the best poster.

Notes on submitting a proposal

The organisers of the 11th Annual APNME Conference invite submissions of proposals for presentations related to the Conference Theme.

  • Proposals must be submitted on the Proposal Submission Form.
  • Please note that for your proposal to be considered it must comply with the following requirements. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Submitting a proposal to present an individual paper, poster, or run a roundtable

In submitting a proposal please note that abstracts need to be in an acceptable standard of written English and, for an individual paper, poster or roundtable, should be within the word limit of 150-200 words.

Please check the English very carefully before sending the abstract and please ensure you keep within the word limit.

Please ensure you state clearly how your abstract is addressing the Conference Theme. On the form you may like to start with the words: "This presentation will address the Conference Theme by…"

This is not intended to constrain creativity or the diversity of opinions. Rather we encourage creativity and diversity, while at the same time focusing Conference discussion on how, individually and jointly, we can best prepare a sustainable future for moral values education in the Asia-Pacific region, and globally.

Submitting a proposal to run a symposium

On the Proposal Submission Form, enter the name of the symposium chairperson as the Corresponding Author, and the names of the co-presenters as Co-authors.

Provide a 300-350 word abstract that describes the purpose and nature of the symposium as a whole, plus abstracts of 150-200 words for each of the papers presented in the symposium.

Please ensure you state clearly how your symposium as a whole and each of the papers are addressing the Conference Theme.