Wuhan and Surroundings

The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education
The 11th Annual Conference
21st - 24th April 2017
The Central China Normal University, China

Establishing values-based learning environments: A whole-school approach to moral education

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Welcome to the charming River City - Wuhan!

Wuhan boasts plenty of rivers and lakes. Thanks to its increasing openness and ever-expanding international status, in particular the all-dimensional, multi-layered and wide-ranging pattern of opening-up, Wuhan has attracted a growing number of foreign friends who have come here for employment, education, sightseeing and living in recent years.

Today’s Wuhan, full of dynamism and vitality, is witnessing a rapid economic and social development, dazzling changes in urban construction and improving livelihood of the people and also on the way to become an incredibly prosperous, vigorous and promising city. For these, our heartfelt gratitude shall be extended to those friends who have always been dedicating intelligence and perspiration, showing interest and support for Wuhan’s economic growth and social development!

This Guide for Foreigners in Wuhan, wrote by the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government is directed by Mayor Tang Liangzhi’s instruction of implementing the “Home in Wuhan” Project for the foreign nationals to find homes, make desirable settlement, enjoy the feelings of being at home as well as live in peace and work happily in Wuhan. The book contains rich and practical contents, including the up-to-date information concerning their most attentive issues such as entry and exit procedures, residence, safety, tourism and investment.

We sincerely hope that this book will provide foreign nationals in Wuhan with more help and convenience. It is also our wish for you to constantly pay close attention to Wuhan, publicize it, invest in it, construct it and make joint efforts with us to create a better future for Wuhan.

From: http://english.wh.gov.cn/publish/english/category/11/1201204161614530012.html

CCNU Overview

Located in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province and a major hub of transportation in China, Central China Normal University is a key comprehensive university directly under the administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The picturesque campus of over 2,000 Mu (330 acres) is nestled on Guizi Hill, bordering South Lake. As one of the universities on the list of 211 National Education Priority Project, Central China Normal University is highly recognized as an important base for cultivating brilliant talents for the country, as well as a superior training center for excellent teachers in higher learning institutions and high schools.

Our university is among the first higher institutions in China entitled to offer doctoral and postgraduate degrees, to assess and confer the titles of professor, associate professor and also doctoral supervisor, and has already established a complete and optimized advanced education system from undergraduate to graduate programs, from doctoral to post-doctoral programs, and from full-time to adult-education programs.

Our research strength is witnessing a constant increase year by year. The national social science research work of CCNU ranks top 10 for three consecutive years, and its social science research work by the Ministry of Education ranks top 6 for four consecutive years. Ranking No.8 in the Fourth Social Science Prominent Scientific Result Award, a series of our research results have won prizes including two fist prizes of the Natural Science Award by Chinese Ministry of Education and six first prizes of Hubei provincial Natural Science Award.

We have established close relations with many key universities and research institutes and have conducted school-to-school exchanges and extensive academic cooperation with more than 100 universities from over 70 countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, France, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and Vietnam. Foreign experts and teachers are regularly invited to teach at the university. In recent years, teachers of the university have been constantly sent abroad for further study, a majority of whom have returned home to become the backbone in their own teaching and research field; a good number of them are active on international academic rostrum and have made admirable contributions to science, technology, culture and education exchanges between China and other nations around the world. 聽

From: http://english.ccnu.edu.cn/About_CCNU/Overview.htm