About APNME and The Conference


The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (APNME) brings together from within the Asia-Pacific region a focused group of educationists of various disciplines to facilitate in-depth discussions, the sharing of perspectives and the exchange of ideas with regard to teaching and learning in the areas of moral education, values education and citizenship education.

It does this both formally, during its annual conference, and informally, through ongoing exchanges throughout the year.  From small, informal beginnings in 2006, APNME has grown into a formal network of educators who are either located in the Asia-Pacific region, or who have a special interest in the region. It also actively seeks to involve and support young researchers and post-graduate students of moral education and moral development.

Each year, the APNME Committee invites offers to host the APNME Annual Conference. Previous conferences have been held in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. The 2013 conference will be in Indonesia, where diversity and commonality are found in abundance and the importance of moral education is widely recognised and has strong government support.

The conference is being organised by a Conference Committee comprising representatives of the Yogyakarta State University and members of APNME.  The members of the Committee are listed at conference committees.

For more information about APNME and its previous conferences, please visit the APNME website apnme.org.