Social Programme

  Guidelines for Presenters

Registration Requirements

All presenters must register and pay the appropriate conference fee by the Early Registration deadline.

General Guidelines

  • Please remember that there are likely to be presenters and participants whose first language is not English, and whose culture is different from your own. When compiling and delivering your presentation, make it as clear and accessible as possible.
  • Presenters are required to check their equipment (e.g. they should know how to give their presentations by using Cisco's Webex) before the session to be sure that it will work.
  • Session chairs will keep each speaker to the allotted time. 
  • In giving your presentation, make sure that you cover the same material that is in your abstract.
  • While the copyright of your abstract/presentation/paper remains with you, by submitting it to/presenting it at the conference, unless you inform APNME in writing to the contrary, you agree to let APNME publish any material that has been presented or submitted to it, in  any form, under a non-exclusive license. You also agree that if you are one of several co-authors/presenters, you confirm that you are authorized to grant such a license on their behalf. You also warrant that, unless otherwise clearly stated, all the material presented is your original work and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights, or other rights, of any other person, or plagiarize any other work.


Please use your own laptop at home and ensure that you have received the link address. Also, before giving your presentation, make sure that you can give it by using Cisco's Webex.

If you are a presenter or a chair or a plenary speaker of a session, before you enter that session, please name yourself as “presenter + session number + your first and last names.” For example, “presenter session 1 Meiyao WU.” Then, participants will know your roles in that session.

Guidelines for Paper Presentations

Each presenter will be allowed 20 to 25 minutes for his/her presentation. The session chair appointed by the Programme Committee will hold you to this time. Thus you are advised to rehearse your presentation prior to the meeting, in order to ensure that you did not go over your time. There will be a discussion period after all the presentations.

Guidelines for Symposium Presentations 

Symposia will be allotted a total of 90 minutes, to include presentations and discussion time.

Symposium organizers will decide on the overall structure of their symposium, and they should nominate a member of the symposium as the Chair, who will oversee the management of the symposium.