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The 5th Annual Conference of The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education
Nagasaki, Japan, June 2010

Date: 11-13 June 2010

Place: Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University

Presentation Formats: paper presentation, paper symposium, round table

Title submission deadline with 100-word abstract: 12th February 2010

Summary submission deadline with 400-words: 30th April 2010

Conference committee contact e-mail address:

Draft Framework of the Program:

Fri 11th June
Afternoon        Open moral education lessons and discussion at the experimental
               elementary school of the Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University
Evening          APNME Annual General Meeting

Sat 12th June
Morning          Opening Speech
               Paper Presentations
Afternoon        Symposium
              Moral Education in Asia's Globalizing Societies: Concepts and Practices  
                Chairs:   LI Maosen (Renmin University, PRC)
                       Uechi Kanji (Ryukyu University, Japan)
                Speakers: Shenghong Jin (Nanjing Normal University, PRC)
                       Jeong Changwoo (Seoul National University, Korea)
                        Hayashi Yasunari (Joetsu University, Japan)
                Excursion    Visiting Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
Evening          Social meeting together with JAMME members

Sun 13th June
Morning         Presentation on ‘Peace Science for Children'
               Speaker: Keiko Kamide (Kwassui Woman's College)
               Paper presentations
Afternoon        Round Tables

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