We recommend LOISIR HOTEL NAGASAKI, where 30 rooms are available for APNME members.
HP: http://www.solarehotels.com/english/loisir/hotel-nagasaki/guestroom/detail.html
Address: 2-33, Oura-machi, Nagasaki-city, 850-0918 Japan
        (location is shown on the map of this site, see Venue)
Tram Stop: Ourakaigandori-mae
Reservation: Loisir-Nagasaki@solarehotels.com

  Mr. Takayuki Matsumoto (Manager/Rooms)
Please send e-mail to the hotel in English or in Japanese.
If you reserve by e-mail please send a cc. mail to apnmenagasaki@ml.nagasaki-u.ac.jp, so we can support your hotel reservation and also to let us know see who will be at the Hotel.


Welcome Dinner meeting will be hold at this Hotel:
     On the evening of 11th June (Friday): 4,000 Yen
(excluding drinks, which should be bought separately)
             (The price of the dinner has been reduced, but the quality of the food has not changed.
                 I hope the new price will make  it easier  for everyone to  attend the dinner meeting.)

       We recommend Japanese style fresh seafood Dinner of Nagasaki,
       You can also choose French style dinner,
       Vegetarian food is also available. If you want to avoid pork meat, please tell us.
      (Charge for Dinner will be collected in front of the dining room in cash)
Price: room per 1 person per night
     8,500Yen (Double-room, single use)
     The following transfer service is included:
     Evening 11th June: from Experimental school of Faculty of Education, Nagasaki
                   University, via Inasa Hill (for night view of Nagasaki) to the Hotel
     Morning 12th June: from the Hotel to Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University
     Morning 13th June: from the Hotel to Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University
Breakfast: 1,600Yen

Free internet connection is available in every room.

Internet connection is available in every room.