The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education 5th Conference, 11-13 June 2010
Moral Education in Asia's Globalising Societies: Concepts and Practices

Call for Abstracts
Dear Friends in Moral Education:
The 5th annual conference of APNME will be held in Nagasaki from 11th to 13th June, 2010. I sincerely hope you will be able to participate in this conference and provide our global discussion with your valuable ideas and experiences.

We are now inviting abstracts of 100 words maximum to be submitted by 28th February 2010. The theme for this conference is Moral Education in Asia's Globalizing Societies: Concepts and Practices. We particularly welcome symposium presentations with a maximum of four presenters and a discussant. Presentations may also take the form of individual/joint papers, or roundtable discussions. The draft outline of the conference is given below.

Nowadays we live in globalizing societies in the context of an economically globalizing world. Politically, the Asia-Pacific area is under considerable focus as a developing area. However, the issue of how we should or could construct moral education for the future in the Asia-Pacific area as a whole has not yet been sufficiently discussed and agreed. So far, moral education is not globally connected. Rather, we seem only to highlight the special characteristics of each region or nation, which could be characterized as Localization. Investigating the globalization of moral education in the Asia-Pacific region, in interdisciplinary, theoretical and practical ways will help us frame our future identity. This important and timely topic can be explored through various themes, according to the interests of each researcher and practitioner.

Nagasaki is an appropriate place to discuss such themes, because of its historical connection to the Asia-Pacific region, its religious background and the peace movement. Moreover this AMPNE conference will be held in congregation with the 16th conference of the Japanese Association for Methods of Moral Education, which will widen the circle of discussion. It will also provide an opportunity to observe moral education lessons in an elementary school.

I look forward to welcoming you to Nagasaki for this conference in June 2010.

Kohtaro Kamizono
Conference Organiser, University of Nagasaki, Faculty of Education