School Visits

Monday, 24 October, 8.00-12.00

It is the conference organisers' intention, working with Dr QI Xuehong and Professor JIN Shenghong at Nanjing Normal University, to offer a visit to a school in Nanjing on the morning of Monday, 24 October. This will start with a briefing session at the conference hotel, then a journey by coach to the school, where it should be possible to view some teaching and learning activities, see around the school and speak with some teachers and students in English. For anyone interested in school-age moral education this will be a valuable opportunity to learn about moral and other educational aspects of a Chinese school and provide a context for learning more about moral education in China during the formal sessions of the conference.

Conference participants wishing to experience the school visit on the morning of Monday, 24 October will need to register for it at the time of their general registration for the conference and pay the fee of US$15. There is a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 who can be accommodated on this school visit. If the visit does not obtain sufficient registrants, or too many, you will be contacted by email and given the option of transferring to the school visit on the afternoon of Wednesday, 26 October and to have your registration fee for the school visit refunded in Chinese yuan (RMB) at the conference registration desk in the NICC. If you have specific questions about the school visit or any special needs related to participating, please contact the organisers through the Contact Us facility on the website.

Wednesday, 26 October, 14.00-18.00

Kindly note that the option to visit the school on Wednesday, 26 October is no longer available.

We also hope to offer another school visit, to a different school, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 26 October, for those who cannot participate on Monday morning, or as an alternative to the sightseeing options. The cost of this visit is included in the full conference fee. Conference registrants will be able to sign up for this and the sightseeing options at the registration desk in NICC.