Mentoring Workshop

Joint AME, APNME and JME Mentoring Workshop Sessions

Title: Mentor-Scholar Discussions: How to Publish in English and Enhance Your Career

Time: Tuesday, 25 October, 90 minute session and Thursday, 27 October, 90 minute session

Organisers: Dr. Xiao-lei WANG, Pace University, USA (AME, APNME); Dr. Ann HIGGINS-D'ALESSANDRO, Fordham University, USA (AME).

Aim: The Nanjing 2011 AME, APNME, JME conference offers two Mentor-Scholar sessions with a Panel and Work Sessions that have two main purposes:

1. To discuss publishing in English-speaking journals; and
2. To discuss career development and publishing with junior scholars and graduate students.

The Tuesday session will begin with a panel, followed by the convening of the four separate Work Groups. At the Thursday session, the four separate Work Groups will reconvene for further advice and discussion. The four Work Groups are:
1. Chinese senior scholars;
2. Chinese junior scholars;
3. Japanese, Korean, Thai and other Asian or Pacific scholars;
4. All other scholars from Africa, Europe, The Middle East, North America and South America.

Objective 1: To offer guidelines for publishing in English-language scholarly publications. The panel will address the need for scholars from across the world to publish in existing publications/journals in order to enhance the ways in which we inform and influence each other. English-language editors will explain the perspectives and guidelines of English-language publications and Asian scholars will offer their perspectives regarding the role of publishing in scholarly careers.

Panel: Welcome by Dr. Sharon LAMB, President, AME and Dr. JIN Shenghong, Chair APNME; Panellists: Dr. Monica TAYLOR, Editor, Journal of Moral Education (JME); Dr. Darcia NARVAEZ, Editor-elect JME; Mr. Graham HOBBS or Ms Katie Peace, Taylor & Francis, JME publisher, and Dr. Darryl MACER, UNESCO, Regional Adviser in Social and Human Sciences for Asia and the Pacific, Thailand.

Objective 2: To advise on career development and publishing in English-language journals. Four Work Groups, each led by 3 or more mentor-scholars, will discuss issues shared by their group as well as advise individuals. Mentor-scholars will not be expected to continue to work with participants after the conference. However, we encourage participants to seek out longer-term mentoring relationships from among all conference attendees. We urge each conference attendee whose first language is English to be open to helping a colleague who does not have English as a first language to publish in English-language journals.

Everyone is welcome to attend the panel session on Tuesday; however, only 20 participants will be allowed to register for Work Groups 1-3. There will be no limit for the number of registrants for Work Group 4. If registrants wish, they may submit a 250-word abstract and one-page outline of a proposed journal paper before the conference and a mentor-scholar will read and make comments. It will not be possible to offer comments on full-length papers. Brief documents must be submitted by 1 June, 2011 to mentor-scholar session organisers, who will distribute to the appropriate mentor-scholars.

There is no charge for registering for these sessions, but conference participants who wish to participate must register when paying their conference fee.

  • Work GROUP 1 for Chinese-speaking Senior Scholars with a focus on Publishing in English (maximum 20 REGISTRANTS), with mentors including:

Chi-ming (Angela) LEE, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
LI Maosen, Renmin University of China, People's Republic of China
Xiao-lei WANG, Pace University, New York, USA

  • Work GROUP 2 for Chinese-speaking Junior Scholars with a focus on Career Development and Publishing in English (maximum 20 REGISTRANTS), with mentors including:

Yen-Hsin CHEN, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
LIU Cilin, Shanghai Normal University, People's Republic of China
Sou (Teresa) VONG, University of Macao, People's Republic of China
ZHAO Zhenzhou, Hong Kong Institute of Education, People's Republic of China

  • Work GROUP 3 for Japanese, Korean and Thai-speaking, and other Asian or Pacific Scholars with a focus on Publishing in English (20 REGISTRANTS), with mentors including:

Minkang KIM, University of Sydney, Australia
Robin SAKAMOTO, Kyorin University, Japan
Derek SANKEY, University of Sydney, Australia

  • WORK Group 4: All Other English-speaking Scholars with a focus on Career Development and Publishing in English (NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF REGISTRANTS), with mentors including:

Ann HIGGINS-D'ALESSANDRO, Fordham University, USA
Sharon LAMB, University of Massachusetts, USA
Gay Garland REED, University of Hawaii, USA
Lawrence WALKER, University of British Columbia, Canada