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Imjingak & DMZ tour (Saturday, May 23, 1:00 p.m. ~ )

Korea is a divided country. After the Korean War (25 June, 1950 - 27 July, 1953), South Korea and North Korea negotiated a truce and then designated the DMZ (demilitarized zone), approximately the 38 parallel of latitudes, 2km away from the truce line on each side of the border. As one of the last relics of the Cold War, the DMZ attracts a great deal of public interest.

* You must carry YOUR PASSPORT on the tour day.

Imjingak Park

Imjingak Park, located at 50km northwest of Seoul, was built for 5million people who lost their home in North Korea and cannot return to celebrate the special family festivals such as New Year's Day. Major facilities include North Hall where you can get a view of lifestyle of North Korea.

Freedom Bridge

Freedom Bridge is located at 2 kilometers north of Munsan, and it is the only road that connects between the south and north around Imjin river. It was originally the Gyounguei railway bridge, and was reconstructed to be the road bridge later.

The 3rd tunnel

The third tunnel was discovered in October of 1978. It is 1.95 meters high, 2.1 meters wide and 1,635 meters long. It penetrates 435 meters south of the military demarcation line and ends at the Truce Village of Panmunjeom.

Gyounguei Line & Dorasan Station

Over half a century of anticipation, waiting for the day when the two countries will be united once again, the Gyonguei Line will one day be linked to the European continent via the Siberian Railway.
The Dorasan Station was completed in Feb, 2002.