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Thur 21st May  
(Hoam Faculty House)
 5.30 - 6.45 pm
 APNME Annual General Meeting
(Lily room at Hoam Faculty House)
 7.00 pm  Welcoming Dinner


Fri 22nd May  
(Marronnier Room, Hoam Faculty House)
 8.45 - 9.15 am  Opening Session
 Facilitator: Minkang Kim
 Greetings: Shenghong Jin (Chair, APNME)
                 Yong-Je Woo (Chair, Department of Education, SNU)
 9.15 - 9.40 am  The Need for Moral Development and Moral Education Research in Korea
 Presenter: Yong-Lin Moon, President of the Moral Psychology Research Institute
 9.40 - 11.00 am  Session 1. Regional settings for Moral Education: Japan, Mainland China, Asia Pacific
 Facilitator: Xiao-lei Wang
 Nobumichi Iwasa
 Guozhen Cen
 Minkang Kim
 11.00 - 11.30 am  Coffee Break & Group photograph
 11.30 - 12.25 pm  Session 2A: Moral Education and Pedagogy
(Marronnier room)
 Facilitator: Guoxi Gao
 Hui-Mei Chen
 Kun Setyaning Astuti
 Session 2B: Child Development and The Ethics of Care
(Water lily room)
 Facilitator: Robin Sakamoto
 Chih-Hua Fang
 Derek Patton
 12.30 - 1.30 pm  Lunch
 1.30 - 3.00 pm  Session 3
 Paper Symposium: A reflection on Taiwan's Moral and Character Education in Challenging Times

 Organiser and Chair: Angela Chi-Ming Lee
 Discussant: Monica Taylor, Editor, Journal of Moral Education
 Chieh-Lin Fu & Ching-Yu Hsueh
 Yen-Hsin Chen
 Yen-Hui Lee, Mei-Lien Hsueh, & Joyce Chu-Yin Yao
 3.00 - 3.20 pm  Coffee Break
 3.20 - 4.40 pm  Session 4A: Issues of Curriculum and Pedagogy
(Marronnier room)
 Facilitator: Edwin Koster
 Darmiyati Zuchdi
 Kohtaro Kamizono
 Jungkyu Kim
 Session 4B: Some Current Ethical Issues
(Water lily room)
 Facilitator: Gay Garland Reed
 Chris Drake & Derek Sankey
 Pei-Yu Lee
 4.40 - 6.00 pm  Session 5A: Curriculum Issues
(Marronnier room)
 Facilitator: Jane Hongjuan Zhang
 Yasunari Hayashi
 Dorothea Hancock
 Yu-Hui Chen
 Session 5B: Philosophical Issues
(Water lily room)
 Facilitator: Laurance Splitter
 Yu-Hsuan Kao
 Jessica Ching-Sze Wang
 Shenghong Jin
 6.30 pm
(Crystal Hall)


Sat 23rd May  

(Education Information Center, Bldg 10-1)

 8.30 - 9.50 am  Breakfast & Poster
 9.50 - 10.45 am
 Session 6. Role Models and Moral Leadership, in Society and at Home
(Room 101)
 Facilitator: Nobumichi Iwasa
 Gay Garland Reed
 Xiao-lei Wang

 10.45 - 11.00 am  Coffee Break
 11.00 - 11.55 am  Session 7A: Existential Issues
(Room 101)
 Facilitator: Chris Drake
 Cilin Liu
 Guoxi Gao
Session 7B: Professional Issues
(Room 103)
 Facilitator: Minkang Kim
 Huei-Ling Liu
 I-Ling Ling
 11.55 - 12.50 pm
 Session 8. The Development of Moral and Historical Consciousness
(Room 101)
 Facilitator: Derek Sankey
 Kohtaro Kamizono
 Helena Meyer-Knapp
 1.00 - 7.00 pm  Communal Time
 Group Visit to the De-Militarised Zone(DMZ), border with North Korea
 7.00 pm
(Sura-On, Korean Cusine with traditional performance)

Sun 24th May  

(Education Information Center, Bldg 10-1)

 8.40 - 10.00 am
 Session 9. Philosophy and Pedagogy
(Room 101)
 Facilitator: Shenghong Jin
 Robert Boschhuizen
 Jane Hongjuan Zhang
 Laurance Splitter
 10.00 - 10.20 am  Coffee Break
 10.20 - 11.40 am
 Session 10. The Good Citizen: Moral and Character Development
(Room 101)
 Facilitator: Kohtaro Kamizono
 Thomas Tse
 Robin Sakamoto
 Angela Chi-Ming Lee
 11.40 - 1.00 pm
 Closing Symposium
(Room 101)
 The Role of APNME in the Future of Moral Education and Development
 Organiser and Chair: Monica Taylor, Editor, Journal of Moral Education
 Panel Members:
 Yong-Lin Moon (Korea)
 Shenghong Jin (China)
 Nobumichi Iwasa (Japan)
 Derek Sankey (Hong Kong/Korea)
 1.00 pm  Conference Ends