The 12th Anniversary Conference of the
Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (APNME)

Conference Theme:
Moral Education: Conflicting Values and Common Ground
Thursday, 26 April to Monday, 30 April 30 2018
National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Welcome to Kaohsiung, Taiwan!

The 2018 conference of the APNME will take place in Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, from April 26 (Thursday) to April 30 (Monday). Educators and researchers who are interested in exploring and fostering the role played by moral values in education are warmly invited to join us for this special occasion.

Kaohsiung is one of the oldest cities in Taiwan. Beginning from1661, settlers from China built their homes in this area and gradually developed villages and towns that later expanded to become today’s metropolis. The Taiwan straits are located to the west of the city and the Bashi Channel to its south. Kaoshiung has a deep natural harbor, which enabled it to develop over the centuries as a shipping port, and today the city is an important commercial center along the Northeast Asia/South Pacific route. Thus, in addition to its vast downtown area, Kaoshiung has the vitality of its port and nearby ocean. It also has rich natural resources— fields and gardens, nearby forests, mountains and hot springs. Modern Kaohsiung is home to a multicultural society with its mix of Hoklo (Minna), Hakka and indigenous peoples, and together they have created a very special atmosphere in this old southern city.

Conference Theme:
Moral Education: Conflicting Values and Common Ground

Details about the Conference Theme and submission of abstracts can be found in the Call for Proposals. Guided by this theme, we will reflect on and discuss how best to enhance moral values education in the Asia Pacific region and globally.

The conference will begin after lunch on Thursday, April 26 with two pre-conference workshops. The opening ceremony will be held on Friday morning, April 27.

The conference programme will be posted on the website. It will include paper presentations, symposia, posters, the keynote speeches and roundtable discussions, as well as allow for free time to see the sights of Kaohsiung. The conference Banquet Dinner will take place in the city’s 85 Sky Tower. Details about the banquet can be found on the website under the Social Programme menu.


Who is this conference for?

  • Teachers in schools and early-childhood educators who care about fostering moral values in what they teach and how they teach;
  • Teacher-educators, who work with pre-service and in-service teachers and who appreciate the importance of moral values as a foundation for education;
  • School counsellors, whose work brings them face to face with children and parents who are experiencing difficulties at school and at home;
  • School administrators and policy-makers who recognise the importance of values as a foundation for education, both nationally and regionally; and
  • Educators from international and non-governmental organisations and associations, who foster values in their work, in communities and individuals.

So, this conference is not only relevant to teachers who are directly involved in moral education, either at school or university level. Rather it provides a forum for all who care about the place and dissemination of values in education. This may be through the curriculum, implicitly or explicitly, or through a concern to foster the idea that education itself is a values-based endeavour.

The conference is also keen to encourage cross-disciplinary engagement, across school subject specialities of science, humanities, social studies and the arts, and between those with different academic backgrounds.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity to:

  • Increase understanding and knowledge of concepts and practices of moral, values, citizenship and character education, and their application and development in the Asia-Pacific;
  • Promote and provide a forum for regional, national and local networking, collaboration and the exchange of ideas and perspectives in relation to moral education through interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue;
  • Disseminate research findings on moral education approaches, projects and practices in the Asia-Pacific;
  • Stimulate thinking and cooperative action in relation to moral education and re-orient, deepen and broaden horizons for moral education for the benefit of society in the years ahead;

Bring your ideas and experience and join the discussion.  We look forward to warmly welcoming you to Kaohsiung!

The Conference Organising Committee