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The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education ("APNME") brings together a focused group of educators from various disciplines to facilitate in-depth discussions and dialogue, the sharing of perspectives and the exchange of ideas with regard to teaching and learning in the areas of ethical and moral education, values education and citizenship education.

As a non-profit organisation with a formal constitution, APNME aims to foster collaborative relationships among its members, for the advancement of moral education and research in the region. It does this both formally, during its annual conference, and informally, through ongoing exchanges throughout the year. It also actively seeks to involve and support young researchers and post-graduate students of moral education and moral development, including through the award of its Annual Best Poster Prize for the best poster at its annual conference.

From small, informal beginnings in 2006, APNME has grown into a formal network of educators who are either located in the Asia-Pacific region, or who have a special interest in or connection with the region. Membership is open to interested educators and APNME currently has members from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and USA.

Each year, the APNME Committee invites offers to host the APNME Annual Conference. Previous conferences have been held in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. APNME conferences aim to provide a forum for professional educators who have an interest in moral education and/or moral development and are committed to its advancement in the region and globally. APNME encourages and welcomes open debate during its conferences in identifying, reflecting, deliberating on and discussing any issues related to moral, values or citizenship education and development and addressing moral issues and values questions faced by educators and students.

Previous Conferences


Conference Theme

Local Host Institution

June 2013 Learning from Diversity and Commonality: Ways Forward for Moral Education in the Asia-Pacific Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia
June 2012 Research and Practice in Moral Education: Reflection, Dialogue and Interaction National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
October 2011 Cultivating Morality: Human Beings, Nature and the World Nanjing Normal University, P. R. China
June 2010 Moral Education in Asia's Globalising Societies: Concepts and Practices Nagasaki University, Japan
May 2009 Interdisciplinary perspectives on Moral Education Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
April 2008 Moral Education and Citizenship Education: Making Locally Relevant Choices in a Globalising World Beijing Normal University, P. R. China
May 2007 Moral Education in Asian Countries Sun Yat-Sen University, P. R. China
October 2006 Study Meeting on Moral Education in Asian Countries Reitaku University, Kashiwa, Japan

APNME is managed by an elected Committee, which at present comprises:

Christopher DRAKE, Chairman, Hong Kong
CHEN Yen-Hsin, Deputy-Chairman, Taiwan
Dorrie HANCOCK, Secretary, Australia
Mayumi NISHINO, Treasurer, Japan
Vishalache BALAKRISHNAN, Malaysia
Minkang KIM, Australia
GAO Guoxi, China
Derek PATTON, Australia
Laurance SPLITTER, Hong Kong
WANG Xiao-Lei, U.S.A

APNME also has an Honorary President (which is a non-executive position), currently Monica TAYLOR, Former Editor (1975-2011) Journal of Moral Education


This year APNME is delighted to be holding its conference at Fudan University and Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai. While China's long history is tradition-laden, Shanghai is a watchword for innovation and at the vanguard of many of the ways in which China has been changing in recent decades.

The conference is being organised by a Conference Committee comprising representatives of Fudan University, Shanghai Normal University and members of APNME. The members of the Conference Committee are listed at apnme.org/2014/organising-committees/.

For more information about APNME and its previous conferences, please visit the APNME website at apnme.org.